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• 7-Step Customizable Program
• 10% Prepay Discount by 3/1
• Regular Weed Sprays Included 
• Aerating & Seeding Services 

Additional Lawn Treatments 

Enjoy being outdoors by eliminating annoying insects with our Mosquito, Chigger, Flea & Tick Control Program. Applied 3-4 times throughout the summer to keep your lawn pest free. Additionally, our fungicide program prevents and controls lawn fungus like brown patch. 

• Mosquito, Chigger, Flea & Tick Control 
• Fungicide Treatments 

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Our Seven-Step Fertilizing and Weed Control program keeps weeds at bay and creates a healthier, greener-looking lawn. The seven treatments will be applied throughout the growing season to give your lawn the proper nutrients it needs. Ready to take your lawn to the next level? Our renovation & seeding services will create a thick, beautiful lawn your neighbors will be asking about!

Creating lush, green, and weed-free lawns!  

Tree & Shrub Treatments 

• Bagworm Treatments 
• Japanese Beetles Treatments 
• Shrub Fertilization
• Ash Tree Treatments

Our certified technicians are also experts in tree & shrub care. Trees and shrubs add curb appeal and value to your home — keep them healthy with our customizable tree & shrub treatment plans. 

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