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sprinkler maintenance + installation 

Design + Installation  

Not all sprinkler systems are created equal. Properly designed and installed irrigation systems greatly reduce the volume of water wasted each year. We design systems for exceptional head-to-head coverage, and customized watering based on your lawns unique needs. Also taking into consideration the long term plans & goals for your outdoor living space. 

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One of the most important factors for a healthy lawn is water. Our irrigation team can install, repair, and maintain your sprinkler system to ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn.

In the spring, we'll turn on your system and check for accurate water flow and pressure; check for leaks and broken heads; adjust the heads for proper coverage and program your system for the accurate watering schedule. During the hot summer months, make sure your system is working properly with a thorough summer audit. Finally, as winter approaches,  ensure the system is properly shut down to avoid costly repairs. Our irrigation experts will winterize the system by draining and removing all water using a specialized air compressor. We'll also shut down the controller and make notes of any possible spring repairs. 

*Premier Service For Hunter Smart Controllers Only

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Includes 2
services annually:

Spring activation



Includes 3
services annually:

Spring activation

Summer Audit


• High Quality Materials  
• Smart Controllers  
• High Efficiency Hunter Products 
• Exceptional coverage
• Installation warranty 

• Spring Start-Up 
• Summer Audit 
• Winterization
• System Revamps
• Backflow Testing  

Sprinkler System + 
Watering Schedule

Year Round Maintenance

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• Spring Start-Up 
• Summer Audit 

• Repairs

• System Revamps
• Backflow Testing