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Robotic Mowing Now Available!

September is the best time of year to improve the look of your lawn. A Fall lawn renovation includes core aeration, overseeding, fertilizing and verticutting, as needed. 


Aerating regularly helps build healthier soil and limits thatch build-up. It allows air, water, nutrients, and grass seed to reach the root zone. Fall is the ideal time to aerate to help ensure a healthy lawn in the spring. 

Overseeding helps to fill in bare patches, and is the best preventative for weeds. Creating a healthy and lush lawn discourages weeds from emerging. Our experienced team will know what seed is best for your growing conditions.

The final step to a lawn renovation is fertilizer and proper watering.  At the time of the lawn renovation, we apply fertilizer to provide proper nutrients and promote seed germination. Additionally, will help you set-up the correct watering schedule via your home irrigation system or a temporary watering timer. 

Improving the look & health of your lawn can be tricky. Leave it to the professionals to create a lush, green lawn for your home! 

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Fertilizer + Water

Our program offers the perfect combination of nutrients (fertilizer) and weed control for your lawn. 
  • Full lawn inspection and recommendations with each application 
  • No double application charges, one application = one visit to your home 
  • Free weed control service calls between applications, if needed (full program customers only) 
  • Certified and college-educated technicians with decades of combined experience  


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